It’s time to study for the PTE but where should you start? Without good PTE review materials you’d be lost. 

With so many test-takers looking to find PTE review materials we thought it would be a great idea to compile all the free resources in one spot: right here!

So continue reading and we’ll point you in the right direction. Whether you are studying for PTE Writing or Speaking, E2Language has tailored webinars streaming on YouTube, and plenty of blog articles and PTE reviews materials that will kick start your PTE preparation!

PTE review materials
Viewing blog articles will help practice your reading and vocabulary skills, and allow you to learn useful English phrases along the way!

PTE Review Materials for SPEAKING:

     1. E2 PTE Speaking Playlist: PTE Academic: Speaking

Whether you’re looking to understand a specific Speaking task, want to learn the proven method for Repeat Sentence, or you’re ready to test your skills by taking a PTE Speaking Mock Test you can use the ‘PTE Academic: Speaking’ playlist for video-style preparation!

  1. PTE Speaking Blog Articles

Find a wealth of information and useful preparation tips that will challenge your opinions of the Speaking test!

  1. Practice Material:

Tired yet..? Try out these pronunciation and fluency exercises HERE! 

PTE Review Materials for READING:

  1. E2 PTE Reading Playlist: PTE Academic: Reading

Crack any PTE Reading task following Jay’s step by step method, whether you watch the Fill in the Blanks, Re-order Paragraphs or Multiple Choice, you’ll get more confident with practice!

      2. Reading Blog Articles:

  1. Additional information:

Check out this blog page for more information on PTE Reading!  

PTE Review Materials for WRITING:

PTE review materials
Prepare yourself for test-day with loads of PTE practice questions designed to improve your English skills! 
  1. E2 PTE Writing Playlist: PTE Academic: Writing

Learn how to how to structure your essay’s and master the PTE Writing tasks with simple and effective strategies!

  1. Writing Blog Articles:
  1. Example Essays:

Click to access PTE Writing sample essays HERE!

 PTE Review Materials for LISTENING:

  1. E2 PTE Listening playlist: PTE Academic: Listening

Understand the fundamentals of each listening task or practice run the entire PTE Listening Live Mock Test with Jay … get the edge by getting used to test-day simulation!

     2. Listening blog articles:

  1. Additional information:

Check out this blog page for more information on the PTE Listening!

Extra Resources: Know How to Use Them!

PTE review materials
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  1. Other important blog articles:

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Written by Olivia B. 

2 thoughts on “PTE Preparation | PTE Review Materials You Can’t Miss!

  1. Hi,

    I got 87 marks overall in my first attempt on pte (S-90 R-90 W-79 L-78). So, I had to took it again as I was 1 mark short on listening section to get 20 points for PR.

    On my second attempt, I got 81 overall (S-65 R-82 W-90 L-90). So, again I couldn’t score 79+ on each section. But now I have 79+ on each section in two pte tests.

    So, I want to know if DIBP considers score of only one test or can I send both my scores to get 20 points for PR?

    Please let me know, I am very confused whether to take pte again or not.


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