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This article from E2Language walks you through the PTE test fees AND focuses on price and payment method, rescheduling and canceling, and the PTE rescoring fee! 

Taking a high stakes test like the PTE can be scary. Especially when, in the back of your mind, you continue to worry about the fees and price for canceling, rescheduling, and rescoring.

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What are the PTE test fees?

The primary fee is the booking of your exam.

PTE Academic test centers are located around the globe, in over 50 different countries! To verify pricing make sure you visit the Pearson Test Centres & Fees to search for your country and find the location of a test center near you.

We’ve compiled a list of pricing from a small sample of countries where E2Language students come from!

Country Currency Type Standard Pricing Late Booking Price
Australia AUD 330.00 412.50
India INR 11,800.00 14,750.00
New Zealand NZD 385.00 481.25
Philippines   USD 205.00 256.25
United Arab Emirates AED 980.00 1,225.00
Singapore USD 250.00 312.50
Nepal USD 150.00 187.50
Vietnam USD 165.00 206.25
Nigeria NGN 46,370.00 57,962.50
Egypt USD 150.00 187.50

There are two prices given: a “standard” and “late” booking price. Basically, if you book early enough in advance then you will be charged the lower standard price. If you wait until the last minute, you will be forced to pay the more expensive late booking price. 

NOTE: Pearson explains in their Test Taker Handbook that payments must be made in the same currency that is specified for each location. In other words, if you attempt to purchase a test in Australia in USD rather than AUD, the transaction will not be processed. If this happens your payment will be rejected or returned to you.

The test payment is the only PTE test fee that vouchers can be applied to. Vouchers can’t be used for rescheduling or refunds.

What can I pay with?

It’s annoying when you’re trying to make an online purchase but your card isn’t processing. A lot of the time we unknowingly use the wrong type of card. Save yourself the trouble and make sure to use the right form of payment.

pte test fees
See a list of acceptable credit and debit cards below!

All PTE test fees must be made with the following cards:

Acceptable credit cards

    1. Visa
    1. MasterCard
    1. American Express
  1. JCB

Acceptable debit cards

    1. Visa
  1. MasterCard

No other forms of payment are currently accepted.

NOTE: If your transaction was successful you can expect to receive an email that will confirm both your order and payment have been accepted (check your junk and spam folders if you can’t find it).

Rescheduling & cancellation prices

Careful! These PTE test fees are not cheap … Make sure you’re prepared to take the test and you can commit to your booking date. Because nobody wants to pay for a test that they didn’t even take!  

pte test fees
Are you planning to reschedule your PTE because of stress or inadequate preparation? Visit E2Language and we can help you get on the right track! 

Rescheduling and cancellation can either be done on the phone or online.

Rescheduling (more than 7 days before your test date):

If you reschedule during this timeframe your new test booking will be reduced in price. You will be asked to pay 25% of your original test payment for your new test.

Rescheduling (7 days or less until test date):

Under this circumstance, you will be required to pay the full booking price for your new exam. There will be no reduction in your next test’s price.

Cancellation (more than 7 days before your test date):

If you decide to cancel your PTE “early” than you will receive a 50% partial refund of the test’s fee.

Cancellation (7 days or LESS until test date):

Unfortunately, if you cancel this close to the exam date you will receive no refund.

In some very rare circumstances (depending on the situation), Pearson may investigate and allow you a full refund. But these incidences are not common and should not be relied on or expected.

PTE Rescoring fee 

If you’re unhappy with your PTE score, you can request a rescore. You must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days of receiving your score (when your marks were reported and made available to you).

Also pricing, much like cancellations, depending on the price of your test and circumstance. The fee for rescores is only available through Pearson Customer Service. 

As a general estimate, you will be required to pay upwards of $100 dollars. If your overall score improves this fee will be fully refunded.

Stop! Don’t let yourself get too excited because the PTE is computer-graded, so, it’s highly unlikely your scores will change (they can even change for the worse, and come out lower). Before considering a rescore make sure to read “When should I ask for a PTE rescore“. 

PTE test fees are too expensive to simply “give it a go” and “see what happens”. Success will require a scheduled study plan, the right materials, and expert guidance. Why not start your PTE preparation in the right place and sign up for a free E2Language trial

Visit the E2 PTE Academic YouTube Channel and watch the video below comparing the PTE, IELTS and OET! 

Written by: Olivia 

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  • Hi kaia
    Dis is Shruthi. Yesterday I’ve appeared for my pte exam waiting for my Result to come and this is my 7th attempt for pte because every time I’m getting stucked at 57 or 54. Now I really feel dis exam scary. In every tasks I was getting 56 or 59 Bt in speaking section only 51. Could you plz help me out with dis.

    • Hello Shruthi,

      That is disheartening to hear :(

      Please send across your latest scorecard and your target scores to [email protected] right away! Our tutors will guide you with the next steps forward


  • Hi kaia
    Dis is Shruthi. Yesterday I’ve appeared for my pte exam waiting for my Result to come and this is my 7th attempt for pte because every time I’m getting stucked at 57 or 54. Now I really feel dis exam scary. In every tasks I was getting 56 or 59 Bt in speaking section only 51. Could you plz help me out with dis.

    • Hello Yogi,

      Please send across your latest test scores, the scores you are looking to achieve and your next test date to [email protected] so that one of the Duty Tutors can assist you with the next steps.


  • Hi I am ameema first time I wrote my pte exam with out anybody help I got only 40’s in every section I need 65 in every section please help me out.

  • Hi,

    Assume I have more than 7 days till the PTE exam and something unexpectedly occur which would prevent me sitting for the exam on that particular day.

    If I click on the reschedule option and reschedule the exam to another day, PTE will reduce 25% of the fee from the new booking.

    What if I cancel the existing schedule and book a new one?
    In that case I will receive 50% of the paid amount and have to pay the full amount for the new booking. Anyway it will save me 25% more in reschedule option.
    So, why would I select reschedule if I can get 25% more in canceling and scheduling a new one?

    Appreciate your speedy feedback very much since I have less time to decide.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hello Amila,

      Good question! You will have to run this by Pearson as we are not the right folks to assist you with these queries :)


  • Hi i wrote my PTE exam twice and first time I scored 52 over all and 50 and 52 in all section but second time I got 56, 53 40 and 65. How can i improve in speaking section I need 65 + score

  • Hi,
    During my test, I tested the headset and it was working just fine, but halfway through the speaking test, precisely during the retell lecture, there was a static sound distorting the recording. I could hardly make meaning of what I was hearing, I complained to the site administrator but they had no solution except logging a case for me at the end of the exam. What can I do in this situation? Am yet to get my score, but I’m sure the issue will affect my scores.

    • Hi, we are sorry to hear this.

      May we suggest you send a follow-up email to Pearson regarding your case? Maybe they will have more answers.

      GOOD LUCK!

  • Hi Jay,
    I have taken the PTE exam 2 times already -1st time (overall-72, S-89,W-68,R-79,L-67),
    2nd time (overall-77, S-89,W-73,R-76,L-80).
    Please suggest how to improve.


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