What is it?

In the “Re-tell lecture” task, you will see the audio recorder box again. Next to it, there might be an image that relates to what you will hear. After 3 seconds, a recording will start to play and you will hear somebody giving a lecture.When the lecture has finished, you must wait 10 seconds until the microphone turns red and then summarize what you heard in the lecture in your own words. You’ll have 40 seconds to “re-tell” the lecture (unless you remain silent, in which case the microphone will stop recording after 3 seconds). Here is what you will see on your screen:


Re-tell lecture

What does it test?

  1. Content: This is the number of correct words in your response.
  2. Oral Fluency: This is how smoothly and naturally you speak.
  3. Pronunciation: This is how understandable your speech is to a native speaker.

For tips on how to succeed at this task, click here.