Read Aloud Tips 

When it comes to Read Aloud tips, the most useful thing you can do to prepare yourself for this task is to listen to English audio content like podcasts, audiobooks and radio. Listening to one form of this audio media will get you familiar with accents, pronunciation and the tones and inflections of English. Experiment a little bit with accents that you are comfortable listening to (British, North American, Australian etc.) and choose one that you find easily understandable. This will make you more comfortable when you read out loud in English.

Read Aloud tips: Practice repeating some of the sentences you hear in your audio content.

If possible, record yourself doing so in order to listen back to your recording and the original sentence and pinpoint any similarities and differences between the two.

Read Aloud tips: Record yourself reading passages from the newspaper or a book.

Listen back to the recording and try to identify problem areas. Take a few notes about the word length or combinations that made you stumble. If possible, ask a friend with a good understanding of English to listen to your recording and give you constructive criticism about where you need to focus your improvement.

Read Aloud tips: Practice your tone and volume.

On the PTE, you will need to speak in a low but clear voice, and you must enunciate. This can be hard to do if you haven’t practiced, and in fact many first-time PTE test-takers yell in the speaking section! I understand why people do this, but it’s important for you to know that yelling will not increase your speaking score (in fact it will probably lower it) and it will also be incredibly distracting to fellow test-takers. Talk at about the sound level you hear audiobook narrators and podcast presenters doing. In addition, try to enunciate your words in the same way these people do.

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