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Reading Part B Overview

How does the Reading Part B task work?

Part B of the reading sub-test consists of two texts that you must read and then answer questions about. The texts will be related to a general medical topic and will be between 600-800 words each. For each text, you will need to answer 8-10 multiple choice questions about what you have read. You will have a total of 45 minutes to finish these questions.

Unlike Part A, Part B is about reading information in a more in-depth way. The questions you will answer will include details and specific ideas you’ll need to read carefully for.

You will be given a text booklet and an answer sheet for this task, and you will be required to fill out the questions in pencil, not pen. Make sure you bring an eraser as well, as you must erase your previous response fully when you want to change an answer, you can’t simply cross it out.

Example of the Reading Part B task

Below is an example of how the questions for this task will be formatted. In this case, you would have read a text on euthanasia, and must now choose the correct option for each question based on what you have read. Keep in mind that you will need to look for specific details and key words in the text in order to answer these questions efficiently.


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