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PTE retell lecture is a task that measures your listening and speaking skills. You are required to listen to a lecture and retell its key points in your own words. To do well…

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How to listen and take notes in PTE retell lecture

Focus on the main points. Listen carefully to the lecture and try to identify the main points. Pay attention to the introduction, key ideas, supporting details, and conclusion. Taking notes during the lecture can help you remember the key points and organize your thoughts. Use shorthand or abbreviations to save time and write down only the essential information. 

For the Speaking part of the PTE test, your pronunciation will be marked and assessed. It’s important that you are able to express yourself fluently and precisely.

In this video, PTE Teacher Mark explains an important technique for getting a high score for Retell Lecture in PTE Speaking.

Using the E2 structure


The speaker was discussing…He/she/they mentioned…He/she/they described…He/she/they talked about…He/she/they discussed…He/she/they suggested that… 

This structure will help you take notes and also retell the lecture

Do I use my own words to retell the lecture?

When retelling the lecture, try to use your own words and avoid copying the exact words used by the speaker. This will demonstrate your understanding of the topic and show that you can express ideas clearly, increasing your vocabulary score. Use synonyms and paraphrasing.

PTE Speaking pronunciation and fluency in retell lecture

Practice speaking in English as much as possible. This will help you improve your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. Record yourself speaking and listen to the playback to identify areas for improvement!

Pronunciation: use the 44 phonemes accurately.
Intonation: use downward inflection at the end of sentences. Stress content words.
Fluency: maintain a moderate speed. Do not pause, hesitate or repeat yourself.

How do I manage my time in PTE retell lecture?

You will have limited time to retell the lecture, so make sure you manage your time wisely. Use the first few seconds to write down a list of the first letters of the E2 Structure.
You will have ten seconds to organise and edit your notes after the playing of the audio, and 35-40 seconds to retell the lecture. Keep an eye on the time and pace your response.

Attend the regular live classes to develop accuracy in content, pronunciation and fluency  and practice! practice! practice! from the E2 website.

Now try some practice:

Retell lecture sample

Retell lecture sample response

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