What is it?

In the “Select missing word” task you will see an audio recording box on your screen with a multiple choice question beneath it. After 7 seconds, a recording will automatically play, and will last for approximately 20-70 seconds. You will not hear the last word (or group of words) in the recording, instead you will hear a beep. You must decide which of the multiple choice options is most likely to be the final word(s) in the recording. Here is what you will see on your screen:


Select missing Word

What does it test?

  1. Identification of Context: This means that you are able to understand the main idea of the recording and use the contextual information you hear to choose the appropriate answer.
  2. Identification or Inference of Vocabulary: This is your ability to understand the words used in the recording to identify the missing word(s), whether you recognize them or infer their meaning from context.

For tips on how to succeed at this task, click here.