What is Summarize Spoken Text?

In the “Summarize spoken text” task you will see an audio recording box on your screen with a blank text box beneath it. After 12 seconds, a recording will automatically play, and will last for approximately 60-90 seconds. After it finishes, you must write a brief summary about what you heard in the text box provided. You must write between 50 and 70 words, and include what you think were the most important points made by the speaker in the recording. Here is what you will see on your screen:


Summarize Spoken Text

What does it test?

  1. Content & Form: This means that you have summarized all of the important points and stayed within the word limit of minimum 50, maximum 70 words.
  2. Grammar & Vocabulary: This is your ability to follow grammatical structure and rules, as well as demonstrate correct word choice in your response.
  3. Spelling: You must not only spell words correctly, but also use only one spelling convention. This means you can spell words the Australian, American, Canadian, or British way, but you must choose only one of these conventions and stick to it.

A few Summarize Spoken Text Tips:

For this task, it’s important to have a method in mind. No matter what the lecture is about, if you have an appropriate method for recording and expressing the key ideas, you will succeed at this task. Because you don’t have much time to write notes, you should be focusing on writing down only key words, then adding supplemental information later. You should also use a consistent structure in your responses, one that introduces the topic, gives only the most important key points, and concludes appropriately rather than ending abruptly.

You can find out about the E2Language method for this task by signing up to one of our flexible online PTE courses!

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