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How did Vikram get PTE 90 in just 3 months?

The joy of any teacher is to give guidance and knowledge to their students, eventually seeing them graduate and move on. When we heard Vikram’s PTE story, where he started as well as where he finished, we wanted to share it because it shows how far hard work and a little help can get you if you put your mind to the grind!

Vikram is from New Delhi, India. He has a Master’s degree in Engineering and needed to take the PTE exam in order to immigrate to Australia. Vikram needed a 79+ score to meet his visa requirements.

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Vikram works for a multinational company and found himself living in Korea. However, while living in a non-English speaking country, Vikram could feel his grasp of English slipping.

Although he hadn’t specifically sought out English tuition services previously, Vikram rated his proficiency level around a 6/10.

The first attempt

Vikram’s first attempt at PTE did not end well. He wasn’t satisfied with his score and he found the speaking section particularly difficult, describing the experience as “nightmarish”!

Vikram’s 1st Attempt in July 2018 resulted in the following scores:

Vikram’s 1st PTE Attempt

Upon signing up for the Bronze plan, he found E2’s one-to-one tutorials were a great resource. He mentions E2 expert, John, as a valuable provider of advice and guidance, especially when it came to the speaking elements of his preparation. Vikram also found E2’s live classes extremely helpful. These lessons vastly improved his pronunciation skills, helping him overcome some of the mistakes that resulted in his initial score.

The Final Attempt

However, after signing up for E2Language’s Bronze Plan Vikram made significant improvements! His 2nd attempt in October 2018 (a mere three months later) resulted in the following fantastic scores:

  • Listening: 84
  • Reading: 84
  • Speaking: 90
  • Writing: 86
Vikram’s 2nd PTE Attempt

Hooray! Vikram’s PTE story has a happy ending! Not only did Vikram achieve 79+ in all four categories but on top of that, the speaking section, which had posed the greatest challenge became his strongest suit! From 57 in the speaking section to 90 and all in three months, bravo!

Of course, the credit must go to Vikram. A hardworking student who has the ambition to better themselves will always succeed. With a busy professional life and living in a foreign country, he noticed his English abilities were deteriorating and wanted to do something about it! But with an already busy schedule, Vikram himself says it was the flexibility of E2’s online platform which made the biggest difference!

PTE Preparation Tips From An E2Language Student (Who Scored Straight 90’s!)

A frequent traveler and a working professional, someone like Vikram simply does not have the time to study in a traditional classroom environment. And whilst E2Language is an online platform, this didn’t mean Vikram had to miss out on any student-teacher interaction. Through E2’s one-to-one tutorials and live classes, Vikram was still able to engage meaningfully and effectively with E2’s course material and teachers.

We love hearing about our students experiences and hope to recreate Vikram’s PTE story with all of our students!

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  • ravinder kaur says:

    I appeared twice for my PTE but didnt get the desired score.
    Though i need 79+ but the thing is I am not getting even 65+ in all sections.
    First attempt: L-63
    Second attempt: L-62
    In my first and second attempt too, i know my weakness is repeat sentence. However, I watched Jay’s video about repeat sentence as well but nowadays not getting time to work on it.
    Seeking your kind guidance on this.

  • Something like that happened with me too. I took Pte exam on12 jan and I have scored 89 scores overall. I believe two things are required for cracking the pte exam – 1. Language enhancement practice 2 pattern understanding

  • Such a very impressive story ,I m also from India now here on temporary residence visa .now a days I preparing OET exam I have give one tie exam I got c in all modules now I thinking about PTE .i want 7 each in all module because I have a staff nurse .so what I should do ?

    • Thank you for reaching out to ask.

      The truth is each exam is VERY different sometimes students waste more time and energy hopping from one test to the next.

      We’d suggest you stick with the exam you’ve already had experience with in your case and instead focus on preparing more specifically for each task.

      If you need more help from us please feel free to contact us here:


  • Hi I am hardly workin on IELTS score 8 since 6 months and I am only getting 6-6-6-and 8th on speaking. Should I subscribe to your Gold IELTS package or should i switch to PET. Should i practice both to improve my overall english? I took all IELTS Online test, plus superpack 5 books plus private class with english teacher and I feel lost but i found your method a lot more interesting and practical. Should I concentrate on one test or try both?

  • manikandan Jayaprakash says:

    Hi Team,
    I also appeared to the exam and I dint achieve my expected score and i scored 51 in PTE exam and I am a silver member. I would like to get assistance to achieve more marks. Will you guys be able to help me out?
    Reading : 54
    Speaking : 40
    Writing : 57
    Listening : 49
    and My desired score in 58.

    Appreciate your swift action.

    Mani J

    • Of course, Mani J!

      If you ever need more help or want to reach out to us for any reason use the student support desk TICKETS:

      Our Duty Tutors there can access all your account information and help you to continue to benefit from our services!

      Please share with them your exam scores and we will most definitely help you out!

  • Despite several pte attempts, I am not able to score more than 78 in reading section. I have signed up E2language silver plan and attending live sessions too. My target is perfect 90 in all sections. In my last two exams my score was W-90, R-78, S-85, L-90 and W-87, R-78, S-84, W-85. Please suggest.

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