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E2’s CELPIP test preparation packages will help you improve your English-language skills and achieve the score you need sooner on your CELPIP test. Speaking and writing are essential English communication skills that you will need to master to pass the exam.

We offer a seamless one-stop learning experience that will save you time, help you fit your study around your needs and give you direct access to expert teachers via live classes and one-on-one tutorials.

The CELPIP Test is a leading English language proficiency exam used for residency applications. CELPIP and E2 Test Prep are proud to bring you this webinar, as part of our series to prepare you to live and work in Canada.

Watch Anna Baxter from CELPIP (Prometric) and Mike Rosaine from E2 Test Prep to obtain expert tips to perfect your Speaking & Writing for the CELPIP – General test:

  • What is the CELPIP test?
  • Test overview
  • Writing test tips
  • Speaking test tips
  • Q & A
Watch our webinar and learn the essentials about the CELPIP test

Did you know E2 Test Prep is an official partner of the CELPIP test? Our content is developed and reviewed by the same organisation behind the exam.

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Learn about the CELPIP-General test while listening

Our E2 experts Michael & Mark discuss the ins and outs of the CELPIP test in this episode of E2 Talks, our industry-oriented podcast.

E2 Talks Episode 25: Master the CELPIP! w/E2 Experts Mark & Mike

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