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Every week we offer 1-3 live classes for every skill – reading, writing, listening and speaking. 
We have three main types of live classes: the ‘Live Class’, the ‘Advanced (Live) Class’ and the ‘MasterClass’. 

In the Live Class, the teacher will guide you through the relevant practice questions, helping you understand how best to answer them and giving you additional skill-building exercises. 
In the PTE and IELTS Advanced (Live) classes, the teacher will guide you through a partial or full mock test for that skill, giving you time to answer yourself and then giving you answer explanations.
In the PTE and IELTS MasterClass, there is more emphasis on timed practice with group feedback and tips from your teacher. 

In all classes, you are able to participate and ask questions via the chatbox. 

This is one of our IELTS Academic Writing Advanced Classes:

Overview live class on

The teachers do not usually have time to answer ALL questions asked by students in these classes as there are usually 50 to 200 students in one class. They will answer all the questions they can that are RELEVANT TO EVERYONE, and for any unanswered questions, you may be directed to email our support team at [email protected].

Please note: The Live Class count is based on the number of classes you register for and not the number of classes you attend. If you register for a Live Class and cannot attend, you can cancel up to 24 hours of the Live Class start time.

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