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Which test is best for migration? Which one is best for university entrance? What test is best for this specific country? We get it, the number of options can make you feel overwhelmed.

Hello from the E2 team, it is great to have you with us!

Our purpose is to help you reach your dream destinations and goals by enhancing your English. That’s why we provide the best resources for you to prepare and succeed in all the major English language tests accepted for visas to the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  

All of E2’s test preparation content is developed by experts, former examiners and approved by the major English test providers worldwide.

Define your WHY

The first and most important step in choosing your English test is defining WHY are you taking it.

This will depend on several factors; primarily, what your reason for migration is and what country you’re migrating to. For instance, the English test you must take to migrate to the UK as a student differs from the one required for a skilled worker moving to Australia.

English tests are the best way to demonstrate your English proficiency for any visa, job or university application. Choosing the right one and preparing properly for it will get you one step closer to that goal.

Once you have defined your WHY, that’s where we come in!

What’s the difference between the tests? 

There are several key differences between the various English language tests. While some of them assess your ability to use English in daily life, others are specifically designed for those migrating for academic or professional purposes. 

Check our YouTube video comparing and contrasting the three most common English language tests – PTE Academic, TOEFL and IELTS.

Comparison video between the major English proficiency tests

Differences between the tests include whether your answers are marked by a human or an algorithm (or sometimes both), whether the test is interactive between yourself and an examiner, and how long you have to complete particular tasks.

E2 test prep offers comprehensive courses that go from skill-building to test-specific strategic advice. We work on boosting your confidence so there are no nasty surprises on your test day!  

If you are short on time to sit down and watch the video, don’t fret! We also have a podcast episode on the matter that you can listen to and learn on the go. 

Which English test should I choose summary chart

DeliveryComputer or physicalComputer or physicalComputer onlyComputer or physicalComputer or physicalComputer or physicalComputer only
InterviewInterviewRecordingRole PlayInterviewInterviewRecording
For High Educationxxxx
For Migrationxxxxxx
Summary chart with all the tests you can study for at E2 Test Prep

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this article is to provide general information based on publicly available sources and does not constitute legal or migration advice in any way. Anyone seeking guidance on relocating to a different country should seek advice from a registered migration agent. The information contained here is subject to change anytime by the competent authorities.

Use our FREE test decision assistant

Our free decision tool will help you determine which test you should be preparing for in a matter of clicks.

How our test decision assistant works

Answer some simple questions about what country you’re migrating to and your reason for migrating, and you’ll quickly find out which test is most appropriate for you. 

Nevertheless, you should always cross-reference your result with official resources, like the student centre of the university you’re planning to study at, the immigration authorities of the country you’re migrating to, or your overseas employer. 

It’s critical for you to prepare for the correct test as there are some significant differences between the tasks and the preparation required for each of them.

How can an E2 test preparation package help me pass faster? 

At the forefront of every E2 Test Prep package is one goal – to get you the best possible score on your English language test, whether it’s in a month, ninety days or a year from now. 

E2 offers a range of different test preparation packages, which you can select depending on the time you have prior to your test date, the resources and feedback you want and how comfortable you feel with self-study.

For more details on which package is the right one for you visit our support article or view their description on our website.

We hope this article was useful to give you tools to decide which English test you should choose based on your objectives. We have a wide range of resources and experts to help you in your test preparation journey.

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