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The Advantage of Speaking Feedback while preparing for the PTE

“Learn the methods, practice the methods, get feedback” is the E2Language way and we emphasise on that by assisting you with Writing and Speaking feedback. We have devised simple, yet highly effective ways to respond in each of the twenty sections of the PTE test, assisting you to score PTE 90. Using the methods will give you advantages over test-takers who do not have any method to use.  

In Writing, there are two sections; in Listening there are eight sections; in Reading, there are five sections and in Speaking there are five sections.

These five PTE Speaking sections are:

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Retell Lecture
  • Answer short question

For all these sections, practice is essential. Even for first language English speakers, the practice of a method or approach to each of the questions is absolutely essential for success. Paradoxically, Ph.D. first language speakers will not succeed in the test without understanding what is needed in each section. So by studying each of the E2Language methods in detail, and by using the methods when responding to the tasks, you increase your chances of success.

Studying the methods and not using them will not work.

Believe it or not, a number of students study the videos, attend tutorials and live classes, but still fail to follow the method in each task. Success for a huge number of our students is achieved through hard work, persistence and an application of the method to the task.

But this is not the whole story.

The practice is important

In speaking, repeat practice is vital. But, what if you are repeating mispronounced words and inaccurate methods, as is often the case? Then you will need the patience and experience of a trained teacher to give you speaking feedback to correct both your unlearned and habitual mistakes. A teacher can listen, identify and remedy all of your PTE speaking errors.

“Practice makes perfect” is not quite accurate, because if you practice your mistakes, you will not get a perfect result. Instead, “perfect practice makes perfect” is closer to the truth.

but getting speaking feedback is essential.

A teacher giving feedback will enable you to learn, improve and deliver a higher score in the speaking section.

The three assessment criteria for the speaking section are:  

  • content
  • pronunciation
  • oral fluency.

Requires an accurate selection of appropriate vocabulary, structured into a grammatically correct response. This means using the method and structure in both describe an image and retell a lecture to organize your ideas in a logical way.


Means how close to a native speaker you sound. The algorithm has sampled and analyzed thousands of speakers across a wide range of languages, to measure acceptable pronunciation of the phonemes of the English language (a phoneme is a single unit of sound). Your voice will literally be compared to thousands of others.


Means having no unnatural pauses, no hesitation due to the uncertainty of meaning, no stop/starting and no “us” and “ahs”.

A teacher will provide feedback on these three elements, and suggest resources to use to improve deviations and errors.  

Don’t do it alone

Use the tutorials and speaking assessment tasks wisely. If you’re enrolled in either Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages, make sure to maximize your Speaking Feedback and Tutorials. Practice until you are confident then submit a task for assessment. After you have received written feedback, you can use this advice to improve on your next assessment. Packages allow from 3 to 9 speaking feedbacks.

Teachers love giving feedback on ways to improve. Don’t be afraid that you are being judged. You aren’t–your method and skills are! And our teachers always want you to improve and achieve the best results you can.


Firstly, learn the methods……practice the methods……get feedback!

Then, learn the methods……practice the methods……get feedback!

Oh, and also, learn the methods……practice the methods……get feedback!

See you for the feedback!

Written by: David

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  • Hi David,

    I have appeared for PTE test twice and am unable to get a 79+ score in Speaking section. I got 71 in first attempt and 78 in the second one. I am scoring 89 in writing and listening.

    Is there a customised package wherein I can concentrate on the Speaking section with feedback? I believe that is what needs attention and the number of feedback in the bronze package is less.


    • We do not offer packages which ONLY focus on one particular area- BUT if you buy a package which includes 1-on-1 tutorials you and your E2 teacher can focus on whichever sections are causing you the most trouble!! 🙂 you can learn more at our help desk! LINK: If you have further Qs you can RAISE A NEW TICKET through the help desk too 🙂

  • Hi, David
    I sat a PTE once and did practice tests four times, but I only got OF/pronunciation=10/10, even though I had a 7.0 in speaking section with IELTS. People say I should speak as quickly as possible for ‘read aloud’ and lower the voice, but, anything does not work at all. I am a member of this course, and I will have a study plan this Thursday, but I am so worried, because my deadline for this exam is the end of October, and if I cannot pass this by then, I will lose the working opportunity which I already got an offer.

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